To Make Good Use of the Reserved Land Resource

On July 13, Gongshu held a meeting on reserved land development. Feng Jin, deputy secretary of district party committee and district mayor, attended the meeting and made a speech. He said the district should make use of Four Goods use in land projects, namely, good development, good construction, good management and good administration, promoting the high quality development of economic cooperatives collective economy. Wang Tao, member of the district party committee and deputy district mayor presided over the meeting; Xu Leiting, deputy district mayor was present.

The meeting first listened to the reports on reserved land development, reserved land specialized mechanism and the kicking-off of Qigudeng project, then reviewed and basically approved the implementation plan.

Feng Jin said district party committee and district government should pay due attention to the development and construction of village-level reserved land. By overall planning, designated operation, quality guarantee and interest protection mode, the district should work out efficient work mechanism to make good use of the land resource, promoting standardized administration, efficient development and long-term interest of the local villagers for their sense of gaining and happiness.

Feng Jin stressed the importance of focusing on 1+4+N industrial platform development, attraction of superior enterprises and projects, and development of collective economy. He made four requirements. To have a good knowledge of the current situation. First hand information on land situation is vital. To set up priorities. Speeding up industrial transformation and upgrading is vital. To improve policy standards. Good policy at upper level can ensure district-level coordination and attraction of quality projects by cooperatives with the guidance from sub-districts. Besides, checklist in land use project shall be used to exert positive effect. To have a special team. Located in District Development and Reform Bureau, the special team is to provide suggestions and then submit it to the district leadership panel. To ensure accountability. By exerting the initiatives at organizations, sub-districts and enterprises, the district is to improve cooperatives and encourage incentive mechanism so as to create doing-oriented ambiance. By both tolerance and correction, the district is to make use of Four Goods in land use project. 

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