A Brief Introduction to Gongshu

On April 9, 2021, Hangzhou officially launched the optimization adjustment of the urban administrative division. Approved by the State Council, Hangzhou is to dissolve Xiacheng district and Gongshu district to form a new Gongshu district; including the previous Xiacheng and Gongshu administrative division. The location of new Gongshu People’s Government is No.1 Taizhou Road, Gongchenqiao sub-district. With an area of 119 square kilometers and a registered population of 846,200 people, Gongshu district has 18 sub-districts, 54 economic cooperatives and 174 communities. Gongshu is so called for the two old places named Gongchengqiao and Hushu. Located at the south tip of the Grand Canal, and adjacent to the 4 neighboring districts, Gongshu enjoys convenient transportation and is the central district in Hangzhou.