Xiaohe Sub-district

Set up in 1954 and located in the mid-west of Gongshu, Xiaohe sub-district lies on both sides of the Grand Canal and is the hub of three means of transportation and a joint of three rivers. Thus It is regarded as the live oriental cultural station. Xiaohe sub-district has a total area of 6.38 square kilometers, consisting of 9 communities, including, Changzhengqiao, Mingzhenggong, Dongjiaxincun and so on. The population of the place is 70,000. It is home to Xiaohezhijie Historic Preservation Street, Wanton Center and Yuanyang Business Zone in the Canal Fortune Town, Provincial Port and Shipping Administration, Provincial Armed Police Fire Hospital, Silk Union 166 Cultural and Creative Industry Area, presenting a scenery that reflects both history and reality.

In recent years, Xiaohe sub-district has actively pushed forward the building of “Beautiful Xiaohe” in accordance with the call from sub-district Party Working Committee and the Government. Great honors have been received, including: Model sub-district of Learning-orientation; The Healthiest Sub-district of Zhejiang Province, Model sub-district of civilization in Hangzhou City, Superior Construction Unit of Courtyard  Improvement Project of Hangzhou City, Ecological Street of Hangzhou City and so on. The Community Governance Triple Model was picked up as one of the Top-30 China's Grassroots Government Innovation Award in 2015. The “Xiaohe Lianyi”public opinions studio’s five platforms were inspected and thought highly of during the National Public Opinions Working Conference of Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. Founded in Xiaohe sub-district, the psychological service pilot has received over 30 visits from Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, National Law Society and so on this year. It has signed the elevator maintenance insurance contract, the first in China. Besides, the preservation construction of Xiaohezhijie has won the China Habitat Environment Model Award; and the move of “Party branch built on self-management organization” has won Organizational Work Comprehensive Innovation Award of Hangzhou. Xiaohe sub-district was selected as The Top- 10 Happiest Sub-district in Zhejiang Province and the Role Model Peace Unit of Hangzhou.