Daguan Sub-district

Daguan sub-district, bordering Daguan Road to the north, Shangtang River to the east, Shang Tang Road to the west, Shi Huiba to the south, was found in Jun, 1996. The jurisdiction covers an area of 1.6 square kilometers, with the total population of about 78,000, consisting of 25,646 households, 56,971 permanent residents, and temporary population. The sub-district office is located at the second building of Block Four in East Daguan, governing eight communities: East one, East two, West one, West two, Nanyuan, Desheng, Cuiyu, Xiangji.

    Daguan sub-district is rich in educational resouces, including five kindergartens-- Desheng Kindergarten, Daguan Art Kindergarten, Hangzhou Experimental Kindergarten, Daguan yuan Experimental Kindergarten and Hongying Kindergarten, two of which are model kindergartens in Zhejiang Province; three primary schools -- Da Guanyuan No. 1 Primary School, Hangzhou Foreign Language Experimental Primary School and Desheng Primary School; four secondary schools--Xingzhi Middle School, Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School, Yucai Middle School, and Traffic Vocational College and one university-- Zhejiang University of Technology nearby, among which Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall of Xingzhi Middle School is the regional patriotic education base. On the other hand, grass root cultural activities are abundant as mass artistic groups and performance societies are active. More than 40 groups are in regular practice and performance; four teams, such as Yue Fan Show Group, have won the title of Hangzhou Mass Cultural Demonstration Group; Ha-ha Art Group and People’s Bookstore Storytelling Group have respectively won the title of Two-star and One-star group of Hangzhou Mass Cultural Star Demonstration Group. People’s Bookstore Storytelling Group was listed in the first Inheritance Base of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hangzhou, and Qiantang Paper-cut was successfully listed in the fifth name-list of Intangible Cultural Inheritance List in Hangzhou.

Daguang also has markets of various types: three specialized markets of Qianjiang Small Commodity market (small commodities, footwear wholesale, flowers), Communication Equipment market and Zhejiang Second Soft Decoration Market; four farmers markets: Desheng, Dongshi, Xisan and Ba Zhangjing market, among which Xisan farmers Market was selected as Worry-free food market in the provincial level.

After years of comparative learning and passionate entrepreneurship, Daguan sub-district has won a series of awards: National Sports Model Sub-district, National Community Education Model Sub-district, Provincial-level Pearl of East China Sea in Culture, Provincial-level Model Civil Affairs Model Town (Sub-district), Provincial-level Model Civilization Sub-district , Provincial-level Model Hygiene Sub-district, Provincial-level Model Farmers Market, Community Construction Model Sub-district at Municipal-level, Role Model Sub-district of Municipal Community Informatization, Municipal Community Education Experimental Unit, Municipal Food and Drug Safety Demonstration Sub-district, Municipal Family Planning Propaganda and Education Star Demonstration' Sub-district, Municipal Science Popularization Model Sub-district, Municipal Sanitary Sub-district, Model Unit of Comprehensive Management of Municipal Social Security, Ten Best Sub-districts of Municipal Agricultural Affiliated Market Management, Municipal Model Supervisory Squadron, Model for Municipal Statistical Investigation, Model Sub-district of Municipal Science Literary Work, Municipal Ecological Civilization Sub-district, Municipal Full Employment Sub-district, Model Sub-district of Municipal Volunteer Service and Model Sub-district of Blood Donation Unit at Municipal-level”, etc.