Hushu Sub-district

Located in the middle and south of the district, with the Grand Canal winding through, Hushu sub-district is the birthplace of the Canal culture. Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, Hushu has been known as “Ten Mile Silver Lake Villa”. The sub-district connects Shangtang Road, Hongjianhe Road and Desheng Lane to the East, adjacent to Shangtang sub-district and Daguan sub-district; along Xiaohe sub-district and Xixi Street in Xihu District to the west divided by Moganshan Road and Harmony Road; connects Jiajianong Road, Daguan Road and Xiaohe Street to the north and Mishixiang sub-district to the south, bordering Wenyi Road and Desheng Road. The sub-district covers a total area of 2.73 square kilometers with seven communities, namely, Zhuertan, Fish Bridge, Shuangdang, Cangji New Village, Xia Wan Lane, Renhe Cang and Changle Yuan. At present, there are 13259 households, 29274 residents and 35236 migrants. There are 111 grass-roots Party organizations and 1595Party members as well.

In recent years, the sub-district makes every effort to promote economic development, urban renewal, livelihood security and party building projects. In 2018, the total tax revenue amounted to 595 million yuan, and the fiscal revenue increased by 35.19% in the first quarter of this year, compared with that of the same period last year. Eight of the ten indicators, including effective investment, building tax and actual utilization of foreign capital are in the forefront of the sub-district. The sub-district has completed a total floor area of 363,400 square meters building construction and nearly 430,000 square meters are under construction. The Grand Canal Fashion Release Center project will be put into operation by the end of the year, which accommodates Hanjia Design, Yuanyang, Kangxi Property, Huo Xiaoer, Banwang Architecture and many other leading enterprises. The existing tunnel project in Xiangjishi Road is under construction by the City Canal Group as two large-scale shield tunneling machines are speeding up the excavation. It is expected to finish the work by the end of the year and be open to traffic in April 2020. other brand names of Hushu sub-district includes: pioneering the elevator public security supervision model, operating of the district’s earliest community sunshine canteen, organizing Grand Canal Hushu Wedding Ceremony for six consecutive years, the first high-quality employment community in Hangzhou Municipality in 2018.