Mishixiang Sub-district

Located in the center of Hangzhou and the southernmost end of Gongshu District, Mishixiang sub-district is close to the bustling Wulin Business Circle and the Grand Canal runs through it. The sub-district spread an area of 3.59 square kilometers with a permanent population of 39, 000, and more than 3, 000 enterprises and institutions. The Mishixiang office was first established in 1954, consisting of 7 communities of Bandaohong, Datang Lane, Shentangqiao, Hongshiban, Jinxiu, Mishi and Jiacheng Lane.

In recent years, the sub-district has upheld the great banner of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and centered around district commissions and district governments to speed up the strategic deployment of the “Brand districts along the Canal” with passion, dedication, diligence and responsibility. Through joint efforts and innovations, it has achieved sustainable and rapid economic and social development and has successively won many high-level national and provincial honors, such as The National Harmonious Community Construction Demonstration Sub-district, National Smart Health Endowment Demonstration Sub-district, Provincial Civilized Sub-district and Provincial Culture-strong Town (sub-district), The Provincial Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Model Organization”, showing a good development trend. The features of Mishixiang sub-district are:

Solid economic foundation. 23 commercial buildings are the main battlefields for economic development. By relying on the “Miqiyun” big data service platform, Mishixiang has strengthened the business visiting service with the slogan “One Send Four Questions”, paid close attention to investment attraction and talents recruitment. So far, it has already attracted world and domestic top 500 enterprises such as Watsons, Marriott Hotel, Jinhuan Investment and Zhengcai Trade. The clustering of the enterprises facilitates the place the top ranking in economic strength in the district and No. 1 in the investment attraction for many years. In 2018, the total financial revenue of the sub-district has reached 1.216 billion yuan, and the tax paid per square kilometer exceeded 300 million yuan, so the street has become the “Output Hero”. At the same time, 5 enterprises have exceeded tax payment of 100 million yuan, 9 exceeded 50 million yuan, 133 exceeded million yuan, of which 25 enterprises have paid taxes of 10 million yuan. The 80,000 square meters office building of No. 1 Wulin under construction is a high-end landmark in the city, a new highland for the development of the headquarters economy, digital economy and Top-100 enterprises in the future.

Beautiful environment. By seizing the opportunity of “The Renovation of Old Residential Areas, Old Industrial Plant Reformation and the Renovation of Urban-village, and Demolish the Illegal Building” and “V-Level Water Treatment”, Mishixiang has renovated all the old residential areas and major roads, established the first No illegal construction street, the first featured courtyard in the city - Wenyi Courtyard, the most clean city model in Hangzhou – Guxin Road, and the wall paintings in Shentangqiao Road were reported by CCTV; the first wellbore parking garage in Miduqiao Road is the innovative try to be built down the ground, the three-dimensional ecological wall and road in Miduqiao Road is the first project in the city to adopt the concept of Sponge City to realize “self-watering” of green belts and “self-regulation” of road dry humidity. This innovative attempt of smart city management was commemorated by many Chinese and foreigners and was also made headlines on the overseas version of People’s Daily; the sub-district has taken the lead in exploring and implementing the Head of the River Accountability working mechanism and the “Sunshine Drainage Port” project to create the city’s first sewage “Zero Direct Discharge” sub-district and the city’s first inland fishing open area. Guxin River was awarded the first batch of “The Beautiful River” in the city and won the laurels. The micro-movie filmed by the volunteer teams named “The River Alliance” has won the “Best Micro-movie Award” in the 13th China-US Film Festival in Hollywood.

Better people’s livelihood services. The sub-district strives for the people’s longing for a better life, sense of happiness and sense of achievement by creating new means and providing meticulous services. It has successively established service platforms such as Datu Studio, Mishi Mental Rehabilitation Club, Sunshine Elderly, Jiayuan Zero Distance Center, Community Chinese Medicine Center, and has launched the Red, Green and Blue warning mechanism for unemployed people, the “6+N” home care service system, the “1+6” community education video network, three-color early warning mechanism for maintaining stability, and the first neighborhood volunteer service team “Sunshine Helpers”; a three-in-one visual networking linkage system of “sea, land and air” for full coverage of surveillance in 360 degrees, a most advanced 110 social emergency linkage center in the city to decrease street crime rate. On the other hand, it has implemented livelihood projects and micro deeds projects to put the people’s life quality in the first place, and earnestly doing the “key things” to improve the satisfaction and happiness index of residents. What’s more, it has actively implemented the “Six Hundred Projects for Happy Culture”, and hold 20 consecutive art performances. Other activities are: to give “Mishi Cultural Class”, to initiate Happy Canal Walk and other likewise activities, benefiting nearly 100,000 residents. At the same time, the city’s first cultural theme park with the “Mi Culture” as its core was introduced, retaining and carrying forward the ancient traditional Mishi culture, and reproduce the “Eight Views of the City” to enrich the Canal culture in Mishixiang.

Fruitful party building outcomes. The sub-district insists on integrating development with party building and have set up several party building brands, such as the “Three Creations and Three Types” mode of party members education, “Big Data Party Building Four Full Models”, “Party Members Intelligent Treasure”, “Red Supermarket”, “Red Series Activities”, “Party Members Dedication Credits”, and “Party Building Red Blood Cells” project. It has become the only one of the 100th information direct report point, winning recognition from the Central Organization Department and the Provincial and Municipal Party Committee Organization Department. As a result, it has cumulatively received nearly 3,000 people from all over the country. At the same time, the sub-district actively strengthens its own construction by various means. It regularly carries out the project construction contest and on-the-spot promotion meeting in an attempt to create competitive spirit and entrepreneurial passion. It has built a team of cadres who are on the one hand work with down-to-earth spirit and on the other hand, innovative and well-recognized by the people. Training of young cadres has already been given priority with the training programs - “Seeding to Strong” every year. Through “selecting, cultivating, plowing and using seedlings” steps, and the mentor band, training exchange, grid practice, work under pressure and achievements competition practice, the sub-district has built a platform for young cadres to learn, develop and grow rapidly to be “Iron Army” in Mishixiang.

In the future, Mishixiang sub-district will continue to focus on the strategy proposed by district party committee and district government to speed up the construction of the Famous Sub-districts along the Canal in a hope to lay a solid foundation for creating a new situation in Mishixiang in the 13th Five-Year Plan.