Kangqiao Sub-district

Located in the north of Hangzhou and by the side of the Canal, Kangqiao sub-district covers a total area of 12.8 square kilometers. It connects Banshan sub-district to the east, the Grand Canal to the west, Shangtang sub-district to the south and Chongxian Street in Yuhang District to the north. There are 11 communities in the area, namely, Kangqiao Village Community, Xie Village Community, Pingan Qiao Community, Jiangjiabang Community, Xiyang Community, Yiqiao Community, Wujiadun Community, Ducheng Community, Jijia Community, Yonghe Community, and Community, Kangqiao Community, Kangyun Community and Kangyue Community.

The history of Kangqiao can be traced back to the Warring States Period of more than 2000 years ago. It is a typical land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River with zigzagging rivers, fertile land, outstanding people and rich resources. In 2010, it was developed from a town to sub-district and currently accommodates more than 15000 residents and 35000 migrants.

In recent years, Kangqiao sub-district has held up the great banner of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, further deepen the “eight-eighth strategy” to reform and open-up. The district committee and district government has united and led all cadres in the “decisive battle in the north” and thus has cultivated a team of Kangqiao Iron Army, passionate, hard-working and responsible to have made new progress to economic and social development of the place. Kangqiao has also made great achievements in the many aspects: implementation of the redevelopment of urban villages; the battle to the V level water quality control, building of industrial platform, and the construction of key projects. So far, large-scale industrial platform like Kangqiao Health Industry Park and the Smart Web Valley Digital Town have been accelerated, and a number of projects concerning people’ s livelihood have been completed, which in turn has offered residents more sense of well-being and happiness. Kangqiao is running into a track with vitality, wealth, livability and harmony.

In 2018, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government strategically set up the aim of developing the Grand Canal area and the northern part of the city. Under the planning principle of “One Zone, One Axis, One Center, One Island, One District and One Bay”, a large number of public infrastructure construction such as One Zone, Two Tunnels, Two Longitudes, Three Horizons, Canal landscape, two resettlement houses and seven affiliated schools will be launched in full scale. The planning and construction of Gongkang road station in the second phase of Metro Line 4 has really brought Kangqiao into the Metro era. Kangqiao sub-district, therefore, has ushers in an unprecedented period of great development opportunities.