Banshan Sub-district

Located in the northeast of Hangzhou, Banshan sub-district, developed from Banshan town which was established in 1984, into Banshan sub-district in 2010. It covers an area of 21.4 square kilometers, adjacent to Dinglan Street in Jianggan District to the east, Shangtang sub-district to the south, which is opposite to Shiqiao sub-district over Tang River, Kangqiao Street to the west and Chongxian sub-district in the Yuhang District to the north. Altogether 12 communities of 30,000 residents are under the jurisdiction, 4 of which are grown from villages. Banshan sub-district is blessed with beautiful scenery and diversified customs. Banshan National Forest Park in Hangzhou is the only national forest park with duel fame in the center area of Hangzhou; the newly completed Wangchen Pavilion has become a new landmark in the north of the city; the custom of “Summer begins in Banshan” was included in the UNESCO “List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage Representatives” in 2016.

In recent years, Banshan sub-district has comprehensively promoted the coordinated development of scenic spots in Taoyuan town, Pastoral town, Market Town, Hangzhou Steel and Shitang town under the title of “Five Blocks of One Scenic Spot”; sped up the construction of “Three Streets”, namely, street of vigorous development, street of landscape and humanities, and the street of fine quality and strove to create a beautiful brand-new Banshan sub-district agreeable to live, start up business and travel.