Xiangfu Sub-district

Located in the northwest of Gongshu District, known as “ Beimen Key Town ” in Hangzhou, Xiangfu sub-district developed from “ town ” to “ sub-district ” in 2009. East along the west side of the Grand Canal and Gongchen Bridge, Xiaohe sub-district, south along Yuhangtang River and adjacent to Sandun sub-district in Xihu District to the west and Liangzhu sub-district in Yuhang District to the north, it covers a total area of 18.7 square kilometers. After optimization and adjustment of community zone function in 2017, there are 17 communities and 15 economic cooperatives in Xiangfu. The population of permanent residents amounts to 71,000 and temporary residents 169,000 at the end of 2018.


A Town of Long History and Rich Culture

Xiangfu, an ancient town with a history of over one thousand year, is a peaceful place in Gongshu. As the jurisdiction was formed in Ming Dynasty, across Xiangfu Bridge over Huantang River, it was ever known as Hangzhou Beimen Key Town, Hangjiahu water system, with a long history and culture. Adjacent to the Wulin Business Circle and Liangzhu cultural sites, and east to the Grand Canal, west to Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus, Xiangfu sub-district is a manifestation of modern historical and cultural blending. In 13th Five-Year Plan period, Xiangfu sub-district gives priority to the building of two major historical and cultural streets, Xiangfu Bridge and Canal Bay, imparting new vitality to history and culture.


A Town with Strength

In recent years, the economy in Xiangfu has developed rapidly, the speed of industrial transformation accelerated and the economic strength significantly improved. In 2018, the total financial income has reached 3.689 billion yuan, local fiscal revenue of 1.857 billion yuan, fixed assets investment of 13.911 billion yuan and social consumer goods retail of 12.364 billion yuan in total. Business complexes like Chengxi Yintai, Wanda Plaza, Cofco Dayuecheng are open one after another while high-end commercial buildings like Matrix International and Jiayuan Ginza have been put into use, commercial resources being further accumulated. Now, Xiangfu sub-district is striving to build a Car Internet Town, Industrial Design Town and Shenhua Industrial Cluster, adding a new energy to itself.


A Charming Town

In 2018, to make room for the construction of Metro Line 10 stations, 175 households and 78 enterprises were removed, accomplishing the demolishing requirements of 101.7% and 152.9%, and was the first to fulfill the 100% target. Besides, to achieve Graceful Gongshu Initiative and beatify CityHall, 162 tasks that account for a quarter of the whole were completed, ranking No.1 in the number of tasks completed. So far, the number of illegal buildings demolished has reached a total of 384,400 square meters, fulfilling 167.13% of the year’s objective. Furthermore, the planning of two ecological parks in the area, Canal Central Park and Chengxi Sports Park and the “ecological corridors” composed of 11 rivers, has turned the place favorable for living.  


An Energetic Town

Xiangfu sub-district attaches great importance to investment in infrastructure construction to enhance people’s sense of happiness. One sub-district level social-psycho service station and 17 community level social-psycho service studio have been built, realizing the full coverage of community psychological service in the area. What’s more, people’ cultural and sports experiences have been enriched when the sixth All-folk Games was held successfully, coupled with the construction of “cultural corridors” composed of 13 rivers and Xingqiao Cultural Homeland. More activities like Xiangfu Good Voice, Star stage, Summer Camp have helped to cultivate a healthy and active cultural atmosphere. Furthermore, Xiangfu enjoys its high quality of educational resources, like Jinxiu Middle School and Wenlan Middle School. The integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospitals are under construction currently. The continuous improvement of basic facilities has enabled Xifu to sparkle even greater dynamics.

Xiangfu sub-district, with a long and brilliant history, is changing in every way and will radiate a more dazzling brilliance in the future.