Shangtang Sub-district

Located in the center of Hangzhou, Shangtang sub-district lies in the eastern bank of the Grand Canal.The name Shangtang is derived from the Shang Tang River dug in 210 B.C. by Qing Emperor to transport food for military use, known as Lingshui Dao. With 2229 years of history, Shang Tang River winds through the whole area of Shangtang and plays an active role in farmland irrigation, goods transportation, and in helping drainage and preventing flood as well as developing fishery. Generations of local people have benefited greatly from this river for over two thousand years and have successfully created their own unique Shangtang culture. The beautiful Shang Tang River joins the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, together with other intersecting rivers in Gongshu District, weaving a watery town of northern part of Hangzhou.

Shangtang sub-district today, covering an area of 9.6 square kilometers, is composed of 10 communities and 11 economic cooperatives with more than 30,000 residents and around 10,000 registered migrant ones. Its convenience of traffic follows the tradition in ancient times as the main roads like Shagtang Road, Shenban Road, and Shixiang Road now lead to all directions. The Shangtang Elevated Expressway spans the whole district: Qiantang River to the south, which runs directly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and city loop to the north which connects to Shanghai and Nanjing, bringing endless prosperity for the city in commerce. In this new era, Shangtang sub-district continues to accelerate the organic renewal of the city and speeds up the development of economic transformation. A city of economic prosperity, rich culture and affluent people is showing its unique charm to the world.


A Modern City with Splendor

In recent years, Shangtang sub-district has rapidly integrated itself into the construction of “Hangzhou’s Great Northern City” and seized the opportunity of building “A famous area along the Canal ”, pushing the urbanization construction of Shangtang onto a new stage in all-round way. From the redevelopment of the urban-villages to the construction of the modern city, the basic infrastructure in Shangtang has been improved day by day. The Shanxian Neighborhood and the Cai Ma Neighborhood in the jurisdiction have become the model residential areas for the management. Particularly, Shanxian Neighborhood community with 131 Pattern of Party building-to-family building, has become an excellent role model in promoting “ Governance at the grass-roots level under Party building” mode in municipalities and provinces.

In economy, Shangtang is guided by modern industries such as information economy and intelligence economy to cultivate industrial platforms and to promote economic transformation. A Qiaodong Town of Wisdom has risen forcefully and has turned Shangtang into an e-commerce town. The digital economic town of Intelligence Network Valley in the area has become a Hangzhou version of Zhongguancun. The successful construction of Canal Wealth Town and Canal Cross-border e-commerce Park also fuels a steady and rapid development of Shangtang’s economy, resulting in a successful transformation and upgrading of industries in northern part of Hangzhou.


Strive for Innovation , Never Settle for Less

Shangtang sub-district has been pushing the Party’s political construction since two years ago to facilitate the grass-root arty building and enhance party competence. As a result, a grass-roots governance model namely, Party-building as the guide, Organizations at sub-district and community level collaborating, Three-party coordinating and Residents joint cooperation has formed, sparing no effort to push the development of all the undertakings.

Shangtang has sped up the plot development to accomplish the redevelopment of urban-villages at 100%. It has renovated the urban village in Guashan and reformed the managing and operating model to create an example of urban village transformation for other cities and areas to follow. Besides, Shangtang has worked on the development of the retained land to build a better sub-district. 

Shangtang has increased efforts to spur economic growth and raised revenues by creating a better business environment and attracting more investment. What’s more, it has also sped up the building of industrial platforms and cultivation of enterprise clusters in an hope that E-commerce Town can fuel the economic development in this area.

In government management, Shangtang has actively promoted the reform of Having All the Errands Done in One Go to improve services to the public and trying to standardize the management of the relocation communities. Shanxian Community and Caima Community has been built into Model Community of Cultural Homeland. On the other hand, Shangtang has spared no efforts to demolish illegal buildings, protect the environment and improve the living condition under the instruction of Graceful Gongshu Initiatives.

Shangtang has followed the grid management pattern to provide social services and constructed a service center, a social governance team and a psychological service system with the aim to create Safe Shangtang.


An Energized Shangtang in the Future

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the beginning of the new journey to enact the reform and opening-up policy. Also, 2019 is the beginning year of deepening institutional reform. Shangtang will continue to move toward the goal of building “ a powerful northern part ”, develop its economy of higher quality, build a safe area with a higher standard, improve the requirements of the party building model, realize a higher exploration in grass-root governance, and facilitate the project to a higher level of landing. Gongshu is determined to build a prosperous, beautiful and favorable-for-living sub-district by achieving leapfrog development

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