Well-Being Issues

Employment: solid progress in employment endeavor. Gongshu had29,479 people newly employed in the towns and sub-districts, 4,946 people re-employed after being laid-off,  1,775skills training, 519 start-up business training and 447.

Social security:  In 2019, the number of people covered by the insurance against old age, childbirth and work injuries reached 276,725, 354,027 and 269,475, respectively, an increase of11,725, 35,926 and9,909.

The figures of labor employment in Gongshu in 209 are: 41 job fairs were held, 1,394 valid member units reached, 35,904 job issued,3,784 units released employment posts,7,890 job-seeker registered and 3,480 jobs introduced, the completion rate goes to102.5%; 174.25%; 179.52%; 164.52%; 394.5% and 174% respectively. A total of93venture guarantee loans were issued in 209, with a loan amount of 36.76 million yuan . 

The figures of social security in 2019 are:276,725 basic old-age insurance participants,354,027 industrial injury insurance participants and 269,475 maternity insurance participants with the net increase compared to 2018 reaches 11,725 , 35,926 and 9,909 respectively.

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