principal officials



Zhang   Yan

Deputy   secretary of district committee of CPC;

District   mayor

Leading the district government to work in an all-round way and   being responsible for the work related to finance, state assets, audit, etc.

Taking charge of District Bureau of Finance (District State   Assets Office), District Bureau of Auditing

Zhao   Hong

Member   of the standing committee of Gongshu committee

Executive   deputy district mayor

Responsible   for the routine work of the district government, assisting district mayor for   the work related to finance, state assets, audit, etc. Responsible for   handling of suggestions and proposals, public security, development and   reform, industry and information, enterprise service, regional cooperation,   pairing assistance, pairing support, agricultural management, emergency management,   work safety, administrative approval, fire and rescue, peoples armed force, etc.

  Taking charge of the General Office of the district government,   District Police Bureau, District Administrative Approval Office (District   Public Resource Trade Office), Gongshu Investment and Development Ltd.,   District Fire Squad, District Enterprise Service Office.

Contacting   District Peoples Congress, District Political Consultative Conference, District   Supervision Commission, District Peoples Armed Force, District Court,   District Peoples Procuratorate, Talent Office of District Committee, District Democratic   Parties, District Administration of Taxation, District Postal Service &   Communications.

Wang   Hong

Member   of the standing committee of Gongshu committee

Member   of district government party leadership group


Responsible   for urban construction, real estate management, housing construction and   development, development of afforestation, peoples air-defense, peoples defense, urban-village   redevelopment, building construction for the relocated, urban-rural planning,   administration for natural resources, etc.   

Taking   charge of district Housing Construction Bureau, district Urban Construction   Development Center, Urban-village Headquarter (district Peasant-to-worker Transfer   Development and Construction Center), Gongchenqiao Headquarter (Taoyuan   Headquarter), district Canal Headquarter, district Urban Renovation Office.

Contacting   Planning & Resources (Gongshu branch).

Fang   Youqing

Deputy   district mayor


Responsible for work on philanthropy, the disabled, human   resource and social security, civil affairs, community construction and the   veterans, etc. 

Taking   charge of district Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security, district   Bureau of Civil Affairs, district Bureau of Veterans.

Contacting   district Federation of Disabled Persons

Yu   Rongsheng

Deputy   district mayor



















Responsible for work on science and technology, commerce,   foreign trade, investment promotion, statistics, industrial platform   construction, etc.

Taking charge of district Bureau of Science and Technology,   district Bureau of Commerce, district Bureau of Investment Promotion (Foreign   Affairs Office), district Bureau of Statistics, district Administration   Commission of Science and Technology Industrial Parks, district Platform   Office.

Contacting district Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs, district   Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, district Federation of Returned Overseas   Chinese, District Federation of Industry and Commerce, district Association   of Science and Technology, district Council for the Promotion of Trade.

OuYang   Jianguo

Deputy   district mayor


Responsible for government information disclose, letters and   visits, justice, law, data resource administration, digital-related   integration, government e-business, etc.

Taking charge of district Bureau of Justice ( district Bureau of   Administrative Reconsideration), district Financial Office, district Squad of   Financial Risk Handling, district Bureau of Data and Resources.

Contacting district Bureau of Letters and Visits, district   Federation of Trade Unions, district financial institutes.

Wu Weiqiang

Deputy district mayor


Responsible for education, health care, patriotic public health,   old-age programs, cultural, broadcasting and radio, tourism, sports, etc.

Taking charge of district Education Bureau, district Health   Bureau( district Old-age Affairs Office), district Patriotic Health Office,   district Cultural, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau.

Contacting district Youth League, district Womens Federation, district Federation of Literary, district Red   Cross, district Family Planning Association, Zhejiang University City   College.

Ying   Qiaohua

Deputy   district mayor


Responsible for urban comprehensive management, comprehensive   administrative law enforcement, district engineering, water0resources, market   regulation, intellectual property, price, ecological environment protection,   demolition of illegal buildings, etc.

Taking charge of district Administration of Urban Management and   Law Enforcement (district Bureau of Comprehensive Administrative Law   Enforcement), district Market Supervision Bureau (district Intellectual   Property Bureau), district Office of Three Renovation and One Demolition,   district Office of Water Clean-up.

Contacting Ecological Environment Gongshu Branch, Traffic Police   Gongshu Squad, Transportation Administration Gongshu Administrative Office.

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