To Prepare for Statistical Inspection from National Bureau of Statistics

Gongshu held a meeting to prepare for the statistical inspection from National Bureau of Statistics. Feng Jin, deputy secretary of district Party Committee and district mayor, demanded the whole district should well understand the objective demands and prepare for the inspection with high standards to ensure the high score in the inspection. Fan Zhen, member of district Standing Committee and deputy district mayor presided over the meeting and made the requirements.

On hearing the report, Feng Jin said the statistical inspection is a major political task designated by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. It is not only a full assessment to the implementation of statistical plans from central, provincial and municipal government, but also an accurate assessment to the statistical performance appraisal and service level. Therefore, all organizations shall be aware of the importance of the statistical inspection and work in accordance with the strategic plan to orderly prepare for the inspection

Feng Jin stressed on three points. The first is the political stance and sense of responsibility. The whole district shall work with one heart and one mind to fully implement the major instructions made by president Xi Jinping on the work of statistics. By studying the Plan, the Guideline, the Regulation, all organizations shall get ready for the inspection with no slips. The second is the clarification of the objectives and individual tasks. All units shall work with problem-based mind to comb all the items by checking against the rectification plan. There shall be no score missing in five types. The first is no missing in foundation scores by fully understand the documents spirit; the second is no missing in principle scores by ensure the quality of the data; the third is no missing of the responsibility score by thorough checking of all files; the fourth is no missing of quality score by cool handling and the fifth is no missing of discipline score by encounter the problem head on. The third is accountability. The whole district should work as a whole to strictly carry out the requirements of the Plan. All units shall keep smooth communication, share information and well coordinate; all units shall cooperate in full scale to the inspection group of their demands; all units shall circulate the notice of inspection, work on public opinion monitoring and emergency handling so as to ensure the smooth promotion of the inspection with good performance.

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