Stride toward the Education-strongest District in Zhejiang

Gongshu District Panel of Education held a meeting to convey the decision of Double Reduction policy from central, provincial and municipal governments, to study the measures for implementing the policy, to review documents on education’s 14th Five-year plan and to work on the preparatory work for the district educational conference. Chen Jin, secretary of the district Party Committee and leader of district Panel of Education presided over and addressed the meeting. District leaders, Feng Jin, Shen Huafeng, Zhao Yiwen, Zhang Li, Bao Xiaodong attended the meeting.

Chen Jin pointed out that the cause of education carries the deep hope of the people at present time and in the long run. Government must comprehensively implement the Party’s education policy and bear in mind that the fundamental mission of education is to foster character and civic virtue. Thus, we should shoulder this new mission, carry out new practice, spare no effort to meet the satisfaction of the people and make further contribution to improve quality of education, striving for a more reputed education Golden Name Card, a more shining Good Education in Gongshu and a bolder step for education-strongest district in Zhejiang province.

Chen stressed the importance of giving priority to developing the cause of education. To strengthen the overall governance of the Party in the cause of education, the district government should take actions based on the actual situation, stick to the spirit of the series speeches of president Xi Jinping, implement the decisions made by the central, provincial as well as municipal Party Committees. To thoroughly implement Double Reduction policy, the district government should take a more lofty political responsibility, a higher stance, a more solid initiatives and a higher degree of supervision to ensure more efficient policy implementation, better governance and sound social response. To make full use of the Golden Name Card of Gongshu’s education, the district government should strive to attract more high-level talents from various fields, achieve mutual benefits in education development and industrial revitalization and make quality-oriented education the most distinctive trait of Gongshu as a sample of demonstration zone for common prosperity.

To clarify the direction of high quality education development and to quicken the construction of Good Schools near Home. We should continuously respond to the people’s expectations, focus on Excellency, and speed up the construction of campus infrastructure with high quality. We should highlight Fame by constant upgrade of the group school-running model at a high level. We should emphasize Fairness by achieving the goal of balanced education development with high standards. In so doing, we are to ensure the great progress in Good Education in Gongshu objective.

To uphold Education with Warmth belief and to reinforce the building of teacher workforce. Both stern management and great care shall be given to the teacher workforce by prioritizing the role model effect and professional ethic of teachers.  We should keep coordination between urban and rural areas and guarantee the salary and welfare level of the teachers. We should stick to the core drive, and construct the practice of hierarchical talent introduction. We should insist on scientific authorization of teaching posts and truly optimize the distribution of teachers.

Under the guidance of Education with Warmth, we strive to improve teachers' professionalism, treatment and social status, creating a dedicated and stable teacher workforce.

In the meeting, some documents are reviewed and approved, namely, 14th Five-year Plan of Gongshu’s Education Reform and Development, Plan on Promoting Education High-quality Development in the New Era in Gongshu, Plan on Deepening Education Assessment Reform in the New Era in Gongshu, Good School in Gongshu 2021 Initiative of the Canal New Famous School Grouping, Plan on Teachers Professional development and Performance Appraisal and Incentive in the New Era in Gongshu and Gongshu Education Conference Plan.

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