Cultural Creativity

    Rooted in the Canal Culture, the development of the cultural and creative industry of Gongshu District is characterized by the protection and utilization of industrial legacy. Through years’ cultivation and integration, the district is now in possession of 7 industry parks (i.e. LOFT 49, A8 Art Community, Lefu • Zhihui Park, Tangshang433, Silian 166, Westbank International Art Gallery, Zhejiang Pottery Park ) taking a construction area of approximately 200,000 square meters.
    With another 3 years’ effort, the District will be forged into a model for the cultural creative industry in Hangzhou and provide assembling places for people and enterprises of the industry all over the Yangtze River Delta to communicate and create new works. Moreover, a cultural and creative industry park, “The Canal World” will be established with the 7 parks as its bases and make a boosting force for tourism, manufacturing industry and modern service industry. The following targets are likely to be achieved :
 a.Keep an annual increase of over 20% in output value and expand the functional area to 200,000 square meters;
 b.Set up 7 or 8 concentration areas to attract and take in 200 enterprises to form 1 cultural and creative industry base at the provincial level, 3 municipal bases and 3 or 4 district bases;
 c.Put to reality of the annual increase rate of 10% in the numbers of employment; introduce 5 to 10 national well-known designers and creative masters of great influence; take in famous artists at home and abroad and establish 5 to 10 studios, 1or 2 cultural creative talents communicating and training bases.