FG01-C1/C2-01 land of plot in Qinglong

    General profile: East to the Fengtan River, west to the Fengtan Road, south to the Yuhangtang River and north to the Yuhangtang Road, this land of plot covers a total land area of 40.554 mu( about 27,036 square meters), leasable land area of 26.896 mu (17,931 square meters), floor area ratio≤3.0, building density≤35% and greening rate≥30%. With a restriction on the building height of no more than 60 meters and the purpose of the land as C2 (for business and office use), the land is to be leased at about the end of 2009 or in 2010. The land of plot lies between Fengtan Road and southeast corner of Yuhangtang Road. Yuhangtang road(Moganshan Road to Fengtan Road), running from east to west of about 3.4 kilometers with a six two-way lanes of 42 meters breadth, is an arterial highway of the city to be completed and open to traffic at the end of 2009. Ruanjiaqiao Public Transport Parking and Maintenance Complex to the north brings about convenience of the traffic and Yuhangtang River’s ecological corridor nearby provides the place with beautiful scenery. Besides, it also connects to residential areas such as Wuhua residential area, Huban Lotus Lake Home, Oasis Park, Yile New Village, Zhengyuan residential area and Mansion Street as well as Shidai Electronic Market of Hangzhou.